Promotion on "TRAM"

 The tram network consists of 48 stops in total, three of them, "Syntagma", "Chef" and "Asklipio Voula" are terminals with Central platforms.

Our company offers you the possibility to be advertised on both trains and railway stations.

Ways of promotion

Internal branding on the advertising surfaces of the train.
External branding on the advertising surfaces of the train.

Railway Station Branding   and promotion  on the Panels located to the passengers’ railway stations.



The Urban Railway Piraeus - Kifissia, known as "Electric" "Electric drive train" has completed 140 years of operation.. It serves more than 450,000 passengers daily.
It has 243 vehicles and 24 stations in total.. There are daily itineraries to and from Piraeus and Kifissia.

Clever Net offers the opportunity to advertise in the train wagons.
Each train consists of five (5) wagons.
Every train operates 18 services daily from 5.00 a.m to 24.00
In more details:
5 00- 06 30  11 11 early morning trains
06 30-21 30 19 trains
21 30-12 00 11 trains.

Spacing of trains ranges from 3.5 minutes to 15 depending on the time of day and the season.

Ways of promotion

More specific:

Digital prints with dimensions 0.75×0.75 are placed at the back of 14 seats per wagon.

8 digital prints with dimensions 0.50×1.65 are also placed at the side of the roof per wagon.



Promotion at SUBWAY

The Athens subway serves 700,000 passengers daily. It is the most modern means of transport with 23 subway stations.
Ways of promotion:
  Branding of the advertising surfaces inside the wagons. 
Promotion on the 62 Panels located in the subway stations.